Our Pricing

The Initial Call and Price Quote

It all starts with the call.  We give you an exact price quote over the phone – no ranges from “this to that”, or “in the ballpark of…”.  You will receive a straightforward “It will be $XX.XX”.

Our prices include such services as: cleaning inside closets, moving furniture, and removing spots.  Unless you add or subtract previously discussed area to be cleaned, our price will not change after we arrive.

Affordable carpet cleaning can be done!  Clean & Fresh Carpet Care has always believed great, quality carpet cleaning can be done for an affordable price.  We prove it every day!

Carpet Cleaning Pricing – Our price is only $35 per room/area!

An area is any reasonably sized room or hallway (stairways are also considered to be an area). To find out how much the investment would be to clean your carpets, simply count the areas you would like to have cleaned and multiply that number by $35.

It’s that easy!  It’s that affordable!