How soon can I walk on damp carpets?

You can walk on damp carpets right after they are cleaned. However, damp carpets quickly absorb dirt from shoes, feet, or paws, so we recommend you wear clean socks until the carpets are dry. You can also cover damp carpets with towels or bed sheets  in high traffic areas.

How long will it take steam-cleaned carpets to dry?

Most carpets should be dry within 12-24 hours depending on outside humidity, heat and air movement within the home, and thickness of the carpet. Increasing heat and air circulation (fans or open windows) will help carpets dry quicker.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain their warranties. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that carpets be cleaned annually to improve air quality within the home. Many people have their high-traffic areas in their home cleaned every six months and the rest of their home cleaned every 12 months.

What are the dark lines that form along the interior walls and stairs?

The dark lines that form along interior walls, under doors, and along stairs are called filtration lines. They are caused by forced-air, heating/ventilation systems. When air is forced into a room, existing air is forced out every crack or entry, passing through floor boards, under interior walls, or through the slots in the stairs. As the air exits, airborne dust and oils collect in the carpet, which acts as a filter. Unfortunately, filtration lines are very difficult to remove and return quickly if the cause is not remedied.

What is the difference between the ChemDry process and steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a process where a steaming, hot-water/detergent solution is sprayed into the carpet and vacuumed out immediately. This process penetrates the carpet fibers down to the matting and extracts accumulated soil and dirt. This method effectively cleans mild to heavily soiled carpets and is the recommended process by carpet manufacturers. Dry time is typically 12-24 hours.

ChemDry uses a process that sprays a hot, carbonated solution on the carpet which is either buffed out with a cotton pad or extracted with a vacuum depending on which service you pay for. This method only cleans the top half of the carpet fibers. Dry time is typically 2-3 hours.

How can I keep my carpets looking their best?

Five simple steps will help you keep your carpets looking great for decades!

  1. vacuum at least once a week
  2. Don’t eat or drink in carpeted areas
  3. Clean up spills promptly
  4. Use mats at carpet entry areas to catch dirt from hard surface floors
  5. Have your carpets professionally cleaned every year.

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